Sunday, 29 January 2012

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

How To Style: Floppy Hat

Hey guys, it's Raghda and it's been a while! Well in this post I'm here to talk about one of this years biggest trends, the floppy hat. It has managed to maintain it's popularity throughout the fall and winter months by adapting to the cooler weather and being made completely of wool. So how do you wear something like this without looking like you raided a costume shop or you've thrown on a sunhat in the middle of January? Hopefully the following outfits and tips will help. :)
The following hat is available at Forever 21 for $19.80. 

The Dress
1} I decided to go with a simple black and white mature look. minimal jewelry, a chunky black studded bracelet, simple suede black pumps and a creme dress with a black waistband (to extenuate a small waist) and pleating (to conceal mid-section insecurities) and a deep v to elongate the neck. The black waistband also acts as an accent to the black hat, and the creme tone complements the gold of the hat's chain. With a clean and simplistic look, this helps create a comfortable starting point for the wearer and nothing competes with the hat for attention.
2} I tried to create something a little more feminine and flowy. A touch bohemian and vintage, but still simple. Sticking to more of the creme tone with the dress and shoes, I decided to add a wisp of soft colour in the pink of a single feather necklace, and a small punch of red in a ring. Taking note that when adding jewelry, lean closer to gold tones then silver to subtly tie in (and not clash with) the gold in the hat. **Also, think of how far away the items will be from the focal point of the outfit (the hat). For example, adding something with a lot or detail, texture or colour would be safer in the form of a cocktail ring or statement shoes instead of big earrings or a chunky necklace.
3} I've decided to take the little black dress and create something that's classy as well as wearable. The class is loaded on with a golden brooch and a simple gold Chanel chain bracelet, but paired with suede ankle boots with a 2 inch wood heel that's suitable for a day beginning with a Parisian brunch and ending with an art gallery.
The two coats are examples of outerwear that I feel is suitable for any of the three outfits. The Black coat mimics the folds and swoops of the rim on the hat with its draping, whereas the the red coat's structure and pop of colour is a stark contrast that manages to complement the hat with its streamline silhouette.  


fh classy

The above looks are suitable for a mature and classic setting such as office/work wear. 
4} The flaring of the pleated cuffs and waistband on the white shirt beckoned for its continuation into an a-line silhouette, so I added a full black skirt with pleating. This smooth transition between garments helps the outfit look clean, simple and put-together. I added black flats simply because I feel calves look better in full skirts when they're not being strained. (Plus, full skirts just feel more fun and girly when you're comfortable.) I left an option between two long necklaces here, one with a pop of green and a diamond chain, another with black bobbles. The diamond chain on the white shirt creates a season appropriate almost frosty look and the black is an option for a strictly black and white ensemble. Again, simplicity is key when forming outfits around one piece. Once you're comfortable with some basic ways of wearing the item, you can begin to experiment!
5} I have a knee length pencil skirt, sleeveless pussy bow white top and lightweight belted grey jacket. High wedged boots work hand in hand with the fitted skirt to make your lower half look more shapely whereas bow on the bust and tucked in shirt will create an hour glass figure. Detail of the skirt's belt and chunky bracelets continue the theme of fashionable simplicity. Have few add-ons, and make them worth it.



6} I wanted to go with something both loose and structured. The trends of oversized, sheer, cropped and batwing are all available in this comfortable top, just a tank or bandeau. Since this is cropped and sheer, I suggest going with something high waisted to avoid showing too much skin. In this case, high waisted denim shorts. The long gold pendant necklace lead the eye to the gold buttons of the shorts and are complementary the gold on the hat. Since it's still a bit too cold for so much exposed skin, throw on the timeless trench, black tights and black ankle boots tie everything together. Casual doesn't have to mean frumpy!
7} I tried to make this a really easy and effortlessly cool, so I have a pale blue collared button up with denim skinnies, a cardi, and boots. The saturated tone of the ring complements the  blue of the shirt and the gold cross brooch (crosses being another trend that has been prevalent for the past few seasons, especially in jewelry.). The cardigan's cord texture gives the outfit a weight and warmth appropriate for the season and the body hugging silhouette gives something as shapeless and voluminous as the floppy hat a good base. The rubber sole of the boots adds to quirk the jewelry brings and to the overall character of the outfit.

Well that's all. Examples of how to wear the floppy hat trend with dresses, sophisticated black and whites, and casually. Stick to complementary shades with pops of colour, simplistic jewelry, at least one tailored/structured garment (to contrast the large shapeless brim) and always be conscious of the silhouette you're creating.  I just tried to have examples of basic outfits and thorough explanations for those who may be completely lost and unsure with where to start. Once you feel comfortable with the hats being part of your wardrobe, go crazy! Just remember, you have to know the rules before you can break them.

Good Luck guys, and have a blast.
Th next "How To Style" will be two necklaces (of Mila's!) so stay tuned.
xx Raghda