Thursday, 31 May 2012

How To: Cut Oversized Tees

Hey guys, Raghda here!
If you're anything like me, you love band tee's but you hate the standard crew neck and sleeves of AA t-shirts? Love that grungy loose fitted DIY looking spring/summer shirt trend?


Well now you have the freedom of buying an inexpensive oversized shirt with an image you love, and recreating this style yourself! I cannot begin to tell you about the amount of shirts in my wardrobe that I've cut in this style. Not only is the larger neckline more comfortable, but the lack of sleeves also makes it less bulky when you pair it with a cute cardi or button up. With these easy to follow steps, you'll be cutting up your shirts in no time!

You Will Need:
Shirt (at least 2 sizes too big)
Scissors, preferably fabric shears
Bandeau (to wear underneath, large armhole will expose bra!)  

Step 1: Lay your shirt out onto a (relatively) flat surface and try to smooth it out and get the seams on both sides lined up and even.

Step 2: First we will be cutting off the sleeves. You'll want to cut on the side of the seam closer to the shirt.

Step 3:  Cut the collar along the inside of the seam as well. Use the front collar as a guide.

Step 4: Now you'll want to cut a little (roughly an inch) along the shoulder seam from the collar you've created, and down along the front of the shirt creating a larger neckline. It is important to only cut the neckline of the front of the shirt first because it will be much lower and wider then the back. 
When you cut the neckline of the back, instead of enlarging it, you'll want to cut off the extra piece of fabric now at the shoulder seam and smooth it out into the back neckline.
You can always go back and cut a little more if you like, but you can never add fabric!! Go a little at a time

Step 5: Almost done! Now we're just going to cut off the bottom hem. At this point you can decide the length of the shirt (when cutting a cropped top, cut a little at a time and keep trying it on), I'm just keeping it fairly long. Keep in mind that this step is optional. If you do decide to cut the hem, the next step and any washing after will cause the hem to roll up a little.

Step 6: Stretch. Just tug at the neckline, armholes and bottom of shirt, this helps the edges look a little less raw.

Step 7: Try it on and enjoy!
If you feel the need to make the armholes a little longer, cut more of the shoulder to give it a tank top look, or make the neckline a little wider, this is the time to adjust.

We'd love to hear if you've given it a whirl and how it goes! If you have any trouble, leave us a comment below.
Good luck and happy DIYing <3

Saturday, 26 May 2012

OOTD: Work

Raghda here with a quick ootd of work early this morn. Im not a morning person, so I'm glad I ended up looking put together. :)
Black pleated f21 skirt, white floral lace v neck, navy box cut sweatery cardi with belt, pointed toe urban outfitters flats and tan pull and bear messenger bag.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tailor ~ Pajama Shirt Recon

Yoohoo! Mila here.

I found this old shirt I used to use as PJ's and I thought "Hey, why not change this to something I can wear outside of the house!" Plus I saw a tutorial on something like this on YouTube by Threadbanger (check 'em out!). Here's how the shirt looked like on me before the recon. It was big, baggy, long, and the neckline was practically choking me.

And here's the after. All I did was shorten the length, enlarged the neckline and got rid of the fringes.

This was my first shirt recon and I'm planning on doing it again. Maybe a different style or not depending on my mood and level of energy. So this one isn't the greatest. Other than that, I had fun doing this :D


Nails Of The Day

Raghda here with my nails of the day, OPI's Over The Taupe with a base coat of Sally Hanson's Hard As Nails. Unfortunately, quick chipping is what you get when you don't feel like adding a topcoat. Lesson learned! :P

Monday, 14 May 2012

Tailor ~ Pink Dress

Hey there peeps.

Since I now have more time on my hands to dedicate myself on projects and tasks other than school, this is what I've been up to. I stopped sewing after I graduated high school and, though I didn't hate sewing per se, I didn't love it either nor was I a professional on the task. Here's what I've accomplished.

Pattern I used by Simplicity No. 3503, Dress A

The layout and cutting it was a pain in the back


Accessorized with a thick, woven, black belt from Costa Blanca, black Aldo pumps, and a black tank underneath.

Yes, it's not perfect. The seams are wiggly, the hemming is sloppy, the raw edges are untrimmed, the gathering is uneven, the straps are misaligned, and it's just plain boring. I even bought myself a pair of pinking shears and it still didn't turn out the way I want it to. Oh well. I think it was a pretty good shot after, like what, four years give or take a couple of months. I'll try to improve my sewing skills in the future.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nails ~ Gradient

Hello all.

I'm not a big nail polish person, unlike Raggies, but I do like to dapple in nail art from time to time. Though, due to my inexperience and lack of practice/knowledge on the application of nail art (like my academic words there?) you will see in the following photos of horribly hideous and disgusting fingertips :D Either way, please don't mind the errors of my nail art ways and enjoy my moment of temporary triumphant.


P.S. You might happen to notice little air bubbles on my nails. Well it's just that. Air bubbles. Not hives (if that's even possible on keratin).

Thursday, 10 May 2012

OOTD: running errands

Old deep blue billowy shirt, tights, and my fave H&M leather shorts <3

The fact that its so warm out that you dont need a coat to hide your outfit is just wonderful. My favourite part of spring is finally seeing the personal style of strangers again!