Friday, 17 February 2012

Revlon Lip Butters

It has been so long since I've posted anything (since last year), which was probably not that too long ago, but it still has bee awhile. Therefore, as a little comeback, here's one for you. It's short and super-duper brief but it'll do the job, which is notifying you that we are still alive :D

It was all over YouTube before it even hit shelves within Canada and that is the Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter! I got mine awhile ago, in Florida, before it was released in Canada but sadly, I was both too busy and too lazy to write about. I apologize :P I picked up two colours: Tutti Frutti and Gumdrop.

Tutti Frutti is a bright orange in the tube but applies semi-sheer on the lips with a nice tint of orange. Perfect for an everyday, casual look. I think it's the second from the left in the first image. I really love orange lip colours but a lot of them are really intense. This one is wonderful, toned down orange.

Gumdrop is a lilac-lavender-ish light purple (I'm very bad with colours) with a bit of sparkle in the tube but this one applies really sheer on the lips with a very subtle tint of purple. This one I find I have to apply more than one coat for the colour to be more apparent but it's very pretty, nonetheless. 

Overall, I really like these Lip Butters. They're moisturizing with a dash of colour so it's good for school or when I'm running errands. Pigmentation varies between the colours so be sure to test it before buying (if you can). But the sheerness just makes them perfect for casual use. I would still turn to my lipsticks for a more statement look.


*Images via Google Images. Not of the colours stated above, at least not all of them