Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Quick Update

Since it's been forever since our last post, here's a quick update on what I've been loving or starting to get into. Nothing too in depth but it'll keep this site alive and healthy =)

Back to Basics
I've been reverting back to old styles that my mom used to be into when she was my age. A recent purchase on a little black bag/clutch or whatever kinda shows this. It's sleek and simple with an envelope look to it and a little chain as a shoulder strap. I think it was meant to be a clutch though, but I mainly use the shoulder strap.

Pucker Up
Was watching makeup videos on YouTube and saw this guru do this lip look where she stained the inside of her lips so it ombred out into her natural lip colour. I love this look! It's so cutesie and spring-y and very nartural/casual. It also tends to make your lips look smaller or poutier.

(I'll insert a photo of the look later)

I use Urban Decay's lip stain (envy) in Envious. I've had this for awhile and just never really used it. I top it off with a lip balm like MAC's Tendertone in Purring or Hello Kitty lip gloss (is what they call it but it's just a sheer lipstick with a sheen) in Sweet Berry (which is probably not available anymore according to the Sephora site). One thing about this look is that you have to have moisturized and smooth lips else the stain will look all crackle-y.

Photos via Sephora and Google

Spring is also here so I wanna start rocking my orange lipsticks too. This is MAC lipstick in Morange according to their site but the one I own is called Neon Orange which was limited edition and no longer available.

Image via 

(I'll insert a photo of the look later)

Wink wink
Lashes  are my new obsession. I don't wear them all the time nor do I have that many but I'm starting to really like them. Still getting used to them though since I'm not an expert in applying them yet...yet!


Nails <3
I got myself a Konad set, though I think it's the fake version, but I'll make due with what I've got. Haven't really experiment much with it but so far it's pretty fun. I don't have the special polishes for it so I might have to go out and get that plus I want more designs.