Friday, 2 December 2011

A Is For Aldo

Hey guys, it's Raghda with the news that Aldo now has a fragrance!
They go by colours, 3 for women (red, yellow, blue) and 2 for men (red and yellow). There's a quiz on that has you click the 8 pics that you're drawn to, and your colour/fragrance is chosen based on that.
I played this twice and I'm apparently a yellow!

They come in 75ml & 30ml squared bottles for $45 (yes, they both seem to be the same price), and 10ml tubes for $15. The male fragrance is only available in 75ml. Also on the site are descriptions of the scents, broken down into top notes, mid notes and base notes. That comes in handy when you know exactly the scents that your fond of. I still can't wait to get into the stores and sample these.

Red is for sensual and passionate

Yellow  is for chic, playful and alluring

Blue is for sexy, glamorous and seductive

Red is for modern classic

Yellow is for sport casual

Smart move for Aldo, it's just in time for holiday shopping! 

PS- Sorry about the lack of posts lately. A whole lot of stuff coming soon, and get ready to vote on a style challenge! <3

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