Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tailor ~ Pajama Shirt Recon

Yoohoo! Mila here.

I found this old shirt I used to use as PJ's and I thought "Hey, why not change this to something I can wear outside of the house!" Plus I saw a tutorial on something like this on YouTube by Threadbanger (check 'em out!). Here's how the shirt looked like on me before the recon. It was big, baggy, long, and the neckline was practically choking me.

And here's the after. All I did was shorten the length, enlarged the neckline and got rid of the fringes.

This was my first shirt recon and I'm planning on doing it again. Maybe a different style or not depending on my mood and level of energy. So this one isn't the greatest. Other than that, I had fun doing this :D


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