Sunday, 6 November 2011

Polyvore Style Challenge #1

Heyy guys, it's Raghda. So a couple of years ago I joined a site that I'm sure some of you are familiar with called Polyvore. What I would do is find one odd garment, something a bit strange, and I would try to create a complete outfit around it. Well I thought it might be a fun idea for a continuing "challenge", so this is my first entry.

The garment I've decided to work with is a tartan and lace dress with serious shoulder pads and I decided to give it two different looks. Drawing from the off white of the old lace, on the right I have a very sophisticated and luxurious take, whereas on the left I decided to go with mainly a brown and slightly more casual look (as casual you can get with this dress :P).
On the left, the shoes and coat make this look a bit more casual then on the right. The tan and off white accents in the shoe, bag and earrings, as well as the gold in the ring play off of the colour of the lace, whereas the style of the trench and heels dress this look down a tad. The trench is beautiful, but it just needed something to reflect the red of the dress, so I added the rose brooch. Jewelry on both sides are kept minimal since the dress has enough going on. The darker lipstick on the right really adds to the vintage/ classic feel of the simple and lighter additions, whereas the toned down lipstick on the left doesn't draw away from the colours I've decided to play up.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea.

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