Friday, 23 September 2011

The Clothing Show

Hey, it's Raghda! So starting today and continuing throughout the weekend in Toronto is The Clothing Show! As the website states, "Celebrating its 34th year, The Clothing Show has been a draw for local Toronto shoppers for generations. For those in search of independent, original and unusual designs, it has become a seasonal resource. Runway fashion shows add to the mix.". It's a great event that fills your day with vintage shopping, one of a kind finds, and fashion shows, all while supporting independent designers and your local industry.

Personally, my favourite way to approach any fashion event for the first time is to volunteer for it. This way when you actually attend it, you'll know all the ins-and-outs. So a few years ago I had my first encounter with The Clothing Show. I was a general volunteer that ended up doing everything from ticket handling to working at the fashion show in one weekend. When the event came around again, I promptly volunteered for specifically the fashion show. Working in a fashion show is a rush that I cannot even begin to describe. Maybe it's feeding into the part of me that loved stage crew in high school, or maybe just the part that enjoys the fact that the show cannot go smoothly without your 100%. Anyways, ego aside, let me tell you about the event this past spring when I attended solely as a consumer.

Once you pay your $10 (unless you're a smart cookie that paid the $8 online), you're greeted with a tote usually filled with information and samples (though they ran out when we arrived), your hand is stamped, and you're off! It's still great for "window" shopping if you're not set on spending money, and when you're ready to rest your feet, you can grab a seat for the multiple fashion shows scheduled throughout the day. That day in particular there was a vendor selling vintage hats and accessories that I kept returning to. Some of the hats were a bit extravagant, in the style of big old church hats, sun hats and pillbox hats with attached veils, but the luggage really caught my eye. One case in particular, actually. It was powder blue with golden yellow stitching and key locks on either side of the latches. The inside was a beautiful powder pink with a mirror on the inside lid and quilted stitching pattern in the bottom with pouches on the side. It was only around $20, it wasn't even a question, it was mine. I'd like to believe that it belonged to a fashion savvy woman in the 60's who flew Pan Am frequently (the great thing about vintage pieces is that you can dream up story lines of previous owners). But I digress..Once I purchased the case, I continued "window" shopping, only to be stopped by another vendor who stated that she and her friend bought cases from the same woman to store their makeup. It was obviously a popular item at such a great deal and the vendor was almost sold out within the day! This is the sort of reason you go to The Clothing Show. Currently that case sits on my bookcase holds my illustration supplies, it's easily the cutest thing in my room.

On previous trips to the clothing show, I've purchased a pair of striped high waisted Cheap Monday skinny jeans, a bunch of vintage stuff (I will write a post on vintage items soon!), even a great headband for my high school prom oh so many years ago. :P

So get out there and find something adorable to tide you over until the next show! For more information, check out the site


Tip: If you arrive on the last day, sometimes vendors will give you amazing deals because they dont want to haul a ton of merchandise back. ;)

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