Thursday, 22 September 2011

MAC Cosmetics Fall Collection Private Showing

On Sept 20th, we were able to attend a private showing of MAC Cosmetics' new fall collection before it was open to the public. It was quite exciting for my first MAC private party. I’ve seen it on youtube and I have read blogs about it but never witnessed one first hand. 

When I first saw the store, the glass doors were closed and a black rope extended from a guarded entrance. There wasn’t really a line but inside the store was already quite crowded. Not as crowded as what I thought it would be but pretty close to what I expected. Raghda and I lined up and a woman with a clipboard asked for our name. Raghda gave hers and we entered. We were offered food by these male waiters, who clearly looked like hired models, (I took none since I wasn’t hungry at the time) and a piece of paper and pen to record our purchases. We were told that once we checked off what we wanted to purchase, we should talk to MAC worker to get it for us. Everything seemed well organized and I was impressed.

I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I started to walk around and noticed there was a female model with some body art in a skin toned bikini, but I couldn’t tell which collection she was modeling for. From what I remember, there were three collections presented in the private party: Posh Paradise, Styledriven and the Fall Collection. The Posh Paradise (PP) collection seemed like it was out before so it wasn’t the main attraction of the private party. I say this because I noticed on the website, the PP collection was already there while the Fall collection wasn’t there yet. Styledriven was the same as the PP collection where it was already presented on the website, and it is becoming a permanent line.

The Fall collection was quite interesting. The photos that advertised the collection was a bit odd. Not really Fall oriented and the makeup looks on the models were really “clown” like and bright. The colours varied from light pink to neon orange to dark purple and back to traffic light yellow. At first, I felt that the collection didn’t fit the fall season. I couldn’t imagine those bright lipsticks, eyeshadows, and multi use liners on people in the fall where it's mostly cold with dying leaves on the floor! .... But I stepped out of that sad little box. Purple would be very compatible in fall yet i tend to like purple all year round. I always thought orange was a spring/summer look but it works with the changing colours of the leaves. Reds and pinks work all year round too depending on the shade and the person.

I mainly focused on the lip-wear of the collection, probably because I had no intention of purchasing eyeshadows since I already had too many. I ended up buying a Pro Longwear Lipstick in Soft Sell that was part of the Styledriven collection (which is going to be permanent according to the lady with the two-toned purple lipstick in the store) and a Pro Longwear lipliner in Staunchly Stylish. 

Left is Soft Sell and right is Staunchly Stylish. Looks darker in the pic compared to what you'll see in person. Glides on  smoothly.
The colour is close to a dirty nude colour, perfect for my skin tone but there isn't much difference between the colour of the lipstick and the colour of my lips. I find that it just even the colour out. I also had been planning on getting a long wear lipstick from somewhere but I didn't plan for it to be so toned down. My lipstick collection consists of bright colours and light colours, nothing toned down as this (actually I lied, I have one lipstick this toned down). I quite like what I purchased but I'm planning on going back to get an orange lipstick and maybe that blue liner.

On the topic of what I wore... I did not take a picture of that. Sorry. I was lazy and forgot. I could describe it to you but that would be boring no? Well, either way, I hope you enjoy the new Fall collection when you get your hands on it and let us know what you think about it. Do you like the colours? What about the make up looks? Let us know what you think.


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