Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Hello Internet, it's Raghda! With this blog, my best friend Mila and I will be embarking on a journey of making fashion and beauty fun and accessible. We hope that we can help steer some of you in the right direction, inspire you to try new things and not take it too seriously. Neither of us are professionals, so this blog will also document the growth in our own knowledge.

I have been interested in the fashion industry for years, so I will be mainly contributing to the fashion side of this blog, as Mila runs the beauty/cosmetics side. Of course there will be moments where we switch it up because we do each lovingly embrace both.  :)

This blog is based in Toronto, Canada. We will attend events that we feel stick in line with the direction of this blog, and we hope that you enjoy it!

The next major post should be covering MAC's autumn 2011 collection and event.


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