Wednesday, 21 September 2011

MAC Fall Collections Event!

Hey, its Raghda! So last night Mila and I headed over to the MAC fall collection event, there were drinks, food, and loads of wonderful makeup. This being our first MAC event, I didn't quite know what to expect. Would part of the store still be open for business? Did we have to RSVP because there was a guest list, or did they just want to know how many people they should expect? What should I wear!? Well it turned out that they devoted the entire store to the event, there was a fancy guest list/bouncer system at work, and I'll answer that last question in a bit.

Once we entered, we were met with a list of the 3 collections (posh paradise, styledriven and the fall collection) and all of the new items which spanned from brushes to bronzer. When we found something we wanted to purchase, we'd take note of it on the list. The collection that stood out the most for me was the fall collection. It was broken up into 3 groups, the last of which were full of bright colours like creamy cyan eyeliner and neon orange lipstick. The middle was full of a lot of dark and pale neutrals, and the first was nothing to write home about. That night I was set on purchasing a lipstick, and definitely something to stand out from my collection of pinks and reds, and I found it! It was from the bright colours of the fall collection... *drumroll*..Violetta! I tried it on in the store and fell in love..only one problem, where would I possibly wear it?! It's an amplified shade and is shimmery and metallic but all in such a powerful purple. It's definitely not everyday wear, but I kept it on throughout most of the event thinking about it. I finally decided to just get the darn thing, I mean I did want to get something different that night after all. On our way home, I dabbed Violetta over top some toned down lipstick, just in the centre of my lips and it gave the shade a bit of a pop while allowing it to be still very wearable. yay!

And now back to the question from the beginning, what did I wear? Well I was mulling this over for about a week. I knew I wanted to wear a dress, black tights, and some form of outerwear since its getting cooler at night. For a while I was set on a dark blue dress with white polka dots with a navy babydoll coat, but at the last minute I completely changed my mind. Don't you just hate when that happens? I ended up grabbing my sister's Forever 21 dress and paired it with a simple black boyfriend blazer from Dynamite. Added Urban outfitters black tights, favourite black bowler hat via H&M, tan satchel from Pull & Bear, and an old pair of pointed toe flats. On my nails I have H&M's purple with a topcoat of Traffic Stopper Copper from Sephora by OPI. 

**On another note, I've been drawn to purple a lot lately. An old fashion teacher of mine once said that when you see a lot of purple in fashion, it means trends will see a big change. Keep your eyes peeled!

Here's MAC Amplified Violetta in all it's glory, sorry about the lighting


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