Saturday, 8 October 2011

Buckle Up, Adventure Calls!

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When was the last time we had so many new female leads in a fall season? Above I have Christina Ricci in Pan Am, Zooey Deschanel in New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, and Ginnifer Goodwin in Once Upon  A Time as Snow White.

Pan Am, being a drama of the stewardesses of the Pan America airline in the 1960s, has such a beautifully feminine feel as far as costume goes. Honestly, just think Mad Men on a plane. There is not a second where you don't see an immaculately dressed and poised character (alright there are a couple of moments, like when Christina Ricci's character is called at the last moment to board the plane, and she changes in a cab). My favourite line from the show so far has to be from the pilot when a gentleman says (in reference to the women) "That is natural selection at work. They don't know that they're a new breed of women!" Ha what a lovely thought.

As far as New Girl goes, most of us know what to expect when it comes to indie darling Zooey. Throw on something vaguely vintage and be gorgeously dorky in it. I love Zooey, but her wardrobe in the show may as well have been from her very own wonderful closet.

Although I've only seen some trailers, what I love about the wardrobe in 2 Broke Girls is the contrast of characters. I mean it's such a painfully obvious contrast of "ordinary plain girl" and "spoiled little rich blonde girl", but it just works while avoiding being too patronizing. I mean, I really like that the 'formerly rich girl' wears an over-the-top necklace with her waitress uniform. I like that her hair is always beyond perfect. What I don't like is that Hollywood is kinda pushing the "ordinary plain girl" as, well, ordinary and plain. She's gorgeous, look at her! Hand over "formerly rich girl"s necklace and roles could easily be switched!

In Once Upon A Time, Ginnifer Goodwin stars as "Snow White" in a land where fairy tales are real, until something horrible happens and they all have to live in the real world with their memories wiped. I love Ginnifer and with her youthful disposition, I think she was made for roles with a fairy tale element. I'd imagine this show will have moments where we see the fairy tale world with everyone in their extravagant costumes, and I'm much more looking forward to that then their boring old 21st century gear. It airs Oct 23rd on ABC.

And I'd just like to take this moment to say R.I.P. to The Playboy Club, which has not been picked up for a full season amid terrible ratings. Well lets not pretend to be too sad, I don't know anyone who has even checked it out. I mean I was meaning too, I was just busy organizing my pencils and reciting pi or something.

What do you guys think about this season's lineup of new shows? Anything you're really liking?
Alright now lets all go and enjoy the outdoors, because once the week starts up again, so does great television.


*pic of '2 Broke Girls' from google images

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