Monday, 3 October 2011

Let's Get Some Shoes

My love for shoes is only second to makeup and third to rings... if that makes sense. The great thing about shoes is that they protect your feet, duh! And they adorn your outfit no matter how plain it is. A pair of pumps can dress up a plain t-shirt and jeans look and a pair of ballet plats can casualize a party dress (like how I made up my own words?).

Shoes come in different shapes, sizes, styles, colours, and textures. They convey a persons personality or boost up your confidence. It can add height, aid with posture, and make you walk like you own the world. Shoes are just as diverse as the world's population! Now do you see why I'm in love with shoes?!?

I noticed this season booties are in the game. Although, I thought booties were always in the game. But either way I'll be talking about boots this fall season and the shoes that I'm loving! Which are boots... I love how boots can dress up a casual outfit or sex up a simple dress. And there are so many different kinds of boots! Knee high stiletto boots give a sexy appeal, military-like boots give a butt-kicking appeal and furry wedged hiking boots give a Tomb Raider in the Arctic appeal. :D

I find the wedged heel to be more comfortable during the winter time, especially if you have to take the bus to school. It stabilizes your foot so you don't wobble a lot but it still helps with your posture like ordinary heels.

You might think that kitten heels would do the same as wedged heels, but I heard that they may be worse than ordinary high heels. I can't reference where I heard this from and if you know any information on this, Id really like to know if it's true. But either way, it doesn't stop me from wearing kitten heels. Plus it hurts less when standing for long periods of time.

And finally the flat shoes/boots/heels. These are the kinds that people assume are the comfiest out of all types of shoes. Unfortunately, that's not true for me. Because I have an arched foot, if I walk too much in flats or flat boots, my feet start to ache. I understand that many people out there feel more comfortable in flats. I, personally, like how easy it is to slip on a pair of flats rather than lacing up my boots or wearing socks. I sometimes would wear flats when I know I'll be standing for a long time but even then, it still tends to hurt my feet. I know there are insoles to solve this problem but I'm too lazy to bother with it (hopefully, like most people).

Well that's all I have to say about shoes. I realize it's not really targeted to the season but that wasn't the intention in the title :P It's more on the shoes I'm loving... and own. Please note that the photos posted above are from my own collection and I'm unable to tell you the prices or where I purchased them because I simply forgot. If you really want to know, don't hesitate to contact me or comment below and I'll try really  hard to remember for you. Other than that, I'm not gonna bother sweating the small stuff for now.


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