Thursday, 13 October 2011

Spider Lashes

Spiders have eyelashes....

No I'm just kidding. Actually, I wouldn't really know but I do know one thing, spider lashes seem to be 'in'  this season. It depends on your taste, but usually spider lashes (when the mascara clumps your lashes together) would be seen as messy and unflattering, and it would look like you had fewer lashes than you really do.

They way to achieve spiders lashes is quite simple. Like mentioned above, you just pack on mascara one coat at a time. Remember to let each coat dry before putting on more, that way the spider-y-ness effect would be epic. You can see tutorials on this by Andrea on her YouTube channel Andreaschoice. I realize that some people aren't really into this trend, but the way she did it made it look real nice and wearable.

When I tried this out, I used my Voluminous Million Lash Mascara. I concealed my under eye circles and my lids to make them light and as nude-looking as possible. To lighten it even more, I added an eyeshadow that was one to two shades lighter than my own skin tone. I think it had a little bit of a shimmer, but it was subtle enough to do the job. I built up my mascara on my bottom lashes first than my top and put a little bit of white eyeliner on my water line to open up my eyes. Andrea used a a bright red-pink lip but because I didn't have that I just used orange. You could also use magenta or a dark purple, anything that stands out and pops. I applied a dark blush in the hollows of my cheeks instead of using a bronzer.

Problems I encountered were the difference in the amount of lashes on each eye. For some reason my lashes have diminished on my left eye so my spider lashes would be more spider-like on one eye and just clumpy on the other.

Products used:
- Voluminous Million Lash
- Rimmel Match Perfect Concealer in 030 Classic Beige
- Nude Sephora eyeshadow from a Sephora palette (doesn't tell me the name)
- MAC Amplified Lipstick in Neon Orange


P.S. I did this awhile ago so I don't have so I don't a picture for the look, but the pic above illustrates the idea well.

Video from YouTube and image from Google

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