Thursday, 27 October 2011

MAC Holiday Collection 2011

So I was browsing the net and putting off my studies when I happened to come across the MAC Cosmetics website. Like magic, it just appeared on my screen. :P

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The MAC Holiday Collection for 2011 is out, but only on the site for now. I haven't seen it in stores yet. They also tend to add new sets later on after it's launch. What I look forward the most whenever MAC launches holiday collections are their brush sets. To be honest, this collection is my first brush set purchase so I'm really excited for it to arrive. I love the glitteriness of the brush handles and the white packaging of the lipsticks and beauty powder. I've always been a fan of simplicity and white. Not so much that silver circle thing on the eyeshadow palettes, though. I know some people aren't really that into the packaging and I understand that. For a holiday collection, it should be a little more extravagant, and I like what I see so I approve.

I love the colours of the baked (or is it mineral) eyeshadows, all the swirls and the colours. Beautiful. I've never really used eyeshadow like that but the thing is, I have so many shadows to begin with, I can't really afford to add to it. What I did add to my collection was the darkest shade of the lipstick. I admit that I mainly purchased it for it's white packaging but we'll see how it looks in person once it arrives. I'm not big on lipgloss but from what I've seen on the site, they're very pretty but nothing special.
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I was debating on whether I should purchase the beauty powders (perhaps the darker shade) but I'm not so sure if I truly need it. If you have purchased one, let me know what you think? Is it worth the buy, because I'm not a big powder kind of person. 

We all know that the swatches on the MAC Cosmetic site are not accurate so I was hoping that I could buy them in the store... but I couldn't wait. I'm an impatient little child. I hope you enjoy the new holiday collection and if not I still advise you to take advantage of the sets/kits of the brushes or make-up essentials because you won't get a chance like this until next season. 


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